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Ep 195 of the is out. We talk about:

- Review: 1992's Sneakers
- Proxmox Backup Server on the RPi
- Oracle gives away Solaris
- Killing mosquitos with lasers
- skiffOS
- in the news
- Insteon shutdown
- KeePass slams snaps
- best terminal tools
- Gnome's new text editor
- libredirect
- M$ finds linux bug
- FOSS social media alternatives
- Man loses wife to software update
- Find an RPi at MSRP with this site
- Thunderbird on Android

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New post: HPR3594: Peely-wally in Edinburgh, via Hacker Public Radio #hpr May 12, 2022 at 02:00AM

testing out my new instance. here's a little instrumental i made a long time ago

Shoutout to btop ++ curses resource monitor. Currently using on my server. It's quite beautiful.

@dctrud that old i3 PC you gave me is now my proxmox backup server and it performs beautifully!

moved the server to . having issues with email recognition but should figure it out this week. here's a test video with much more to come hopefully

Spring is here and the girls are excited about it. It wasn't too long ago that Roo (the sweet yellow ) randomly showed up on my mom's doorstep and she was desperately trying to find a home for her. Now she couldn't bare to lose her 😁

The 194 is out. We talk about:

- 2020's Intersect
- DIY Fitbit
- Infinitime 1.9
- DIY auto lawnmower
- migrate from snap to flatpak
- rocky linux on google cloud
- no more default account on rpi
- diplomarbeit-impl
- best indie games for
- zero day
- listens to your tires
- lite xl text editor
- pinebuds

next ep's movie is 1992's sneakers

mastodon server migration to proxmox was somewhat successful, unfortunately i lost my timeline and data, but i can deal with that later. really digging so far. the snapshot and backup functions are incredible. will gradually be migrating all my servers to proxmox. if you're looking for some used hardware, i should have some available soon!


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