Buster knows he's not supposed to drink out of the fish tank and he don't care

Today I found out about Fosscord. Still in early development but looks promising.


@derek @ayanaeliza

@DarkSheepArts posted what I was gonna post and I don't think it gets enough attention since it's somewhat of a non-action. Just stop buying new stuff! I live my life by the 4 R's, reduce, re-use, repair, recycle. If you really need to buy something, do your best to find it second-hand at the very least. There are currently more avenues than at any time in history to buy good, used items.

@thewk I like Apache's Guacamole since I can access from a browser and don't need a separate client.

Buster up early this morning getting his workout in. Also making sure I'm up early as well 😭

Chubs was a little upset and barking at me this evening because it rained in his corn cup. I emptied the water and gave him his corn and he's at peace again.

Some healthy young bucks eating at the trough this evening

closed a bunch of ports that i thought were necessary for mastodon but turns out they're not.

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