My glasses frames broke today. If anyone knows where I can get Badgely Mischka frames, Crawford model, let me know. I really don't to have to buy new lenses too.

@julieninthesky @kytta I was about to reinstall it when I read your comment lol because I really liked it when I used it. Yeah as far as I know, you can only share your cookbook recipes with other NC users if you're federated with them. My family and I trade recipes this way.

@julieninthesky @kytta I uninstalled it long ago because it stopped working when I updated NC. Is it still working for you? What version of NC are you on?

@julieninthesky @kytta I thought social was abandoned long ago. Is it still working? Or is there another add-on?

@kytta the closest I know of is Nextcloud cookbook,

Nextcloud itself is federated but not activitypub, so you'd only be sharing between Nextcloud instances.

running from emmc on the 2GB radxa zero. Quite nicely too with low resource usage. This is what happens when you can access the GPU unlike my previous setup of libreelec on the which was entirely CPU bound. Now to print a case and attach heatsinks and fan. And sell the raspberry pi 😁 The radxas were just under $33 a piece from ameridroid. One is being used for my server and now the other for kodi.

Ep 195 of the is out. We talk about:

- Review: 1992's Sneakers
- Proxmox Backup Server on the RPi
- Oracle gives away Solaris
- Killing mosquitos with lasers
- skiffOS
- in the news
- Insteon shutdown
- KeePass slams snaps
- best terminal tools
- Gnome's new text editor
- libredirect
- M$ finds linux bug
- FOSS social media alternatives
- Man loses wife to software update
- Find an RPi at MSRP with this site
- Thunderbird on Android

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New post: HPR3594: Peely-wally in Edinburgh, via Hacker Public Radio #hpr May 12, 2022 at 02:00AM

@monsterjavaguns boy where have you BEEN? We always ask each other if anyone's talked to you lately. Are you still on the road exploring the world? We NEED updates please.

testing out my new instance. here's a little instrumental i made a long time ago

Shoutout to btop ++ curses resource monitor. Currently using on my server. It's quite beautiful.

@dctrud that old i3 PC you gave me is now my proxmox backup server and it performs beautifully!

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