running from emmc on the 2GB radxa zero. Quite nicely too with low resource usage. This is what happens when you can access the GPU unlike my previous setup of libreelec on the which was entirely CPU bound. Now to print a case and attach heatsinks and fan. And sell the raspberry pi 😁 The radxas were just under $33 a piece from ameridroid. One is being used for my server and now the other for kodi.

Shoutout to btop ++ curses resource monitor. Currently using on my server. It's quite beautiful.

@dctrud that old i3 PC you gave me is now my proxmox backup server and it performs beautifully!

Spring is here and the girls are excited about it. It wasn't too long ago that Roo (the sweet yellow ) randomly showed up on my mom's doorstep and she was desperately trying to find a home for her. Now she couldn't bare to lose her 😁


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