and squirrels coming up to eat their corn. Time of the year when the fawns are being born and they follow their moms hopping along and playing in the fields.

A little rack I fabricated a while back. rockpro64 rock64 atomic pi and orange pi lite 2 all mounted to acrylic I laser cut and powered through GPIO pins. A 300w mini itx power supply powers everything and is connected to a breakout board for easy access to 12v and 5v terminals. Power then goes into multiple terminal blocks. A small network switch is mounted to the bottom as well connected via custom cat 5 cables and 12v PC fans keep everything cool.

trimming the cedar trees yesterday and today someone has found them a comfy resting spot among the boughs

if you want to listen to local Dallas police chatter I've set up an server using openwebrx and a radxa zero along with an rtl-sdr dongle hooked up to a dipole antenna. just click on the bookmarks at the top to listen to various signals depending on waterfall chatter

My little 12 gallon on the bar, newly planted. Will take a while to fill out. Wanted to go with a naturalistic look.

My glasses frames broke today. If anyone knows where I can get Badgely Mischka frames, Crawford model, let me know. I really don't to have to buy new lenses too.

running from emmc on the 2GB radxa zero. Quite nicely too with low resource usage. This is what happens when you can access the GPU unlike my previous setup of libreelec on the which was entirely CPU bound. Now to print a case and attach heatsinks and fan. And sell the raspberry pi 😁 The radxas were just under $33 a piece from ameridroid. One is being used for my server and now the other for kodi.

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